Balloon Fight (NES) Tournament with a 20$ cash prize!

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Balloon Fight (NES) Tournament with a 20$ cash prize!

Post  Remz on Wed Jun 02, 2010 10:09 pm

Tournament registration is OPEN at


Hi everyone!
Me and Claudz are organizing the first "Balloon Fight" (NES) Kaillera Tournament with a 20$ cash prize!

No entry fee.

The schedule will be set as soon as we reach 8 registered players.

o We play in 2 players mode and the first "gameover" player lose a match
o You must log in the Chat Room @
o All rounds are best of 7
o Emulator: "Nestopia 1.40"
o Rename your rom file to Balloon Fight.nes if you have to
o Server: West Wonderland (
The 8 players tournament will be a single elimination:

If less than 8 players are willing to participate, the tournament will be a double elimination like this:


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